NEWS Hawkman E-Point will be start Hotel Ticket Booking Facility very soon.
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Corporate Services

The Hawkman E-point franchisee program has been designed to give entrepreneurs in India the opportunity to benefit by representing our brand and becoming part of the strongest network in the fastest growing Service Commerce industry in India. Although becoming a Hawkman E-point franchisee is a serious commitment, the rewards are immeasurable.

We are particular about selecting our franchisee because they all contribute to the collective success of company. We are seeking top visionaries to raising the bar in business of Services Commerce.

The Hawkman E-point Distributor
The task of a Hawkman E-point distributor is to take on many roles which are both challenging and vital. They act as a contact point between the company and Hawkman E-point points. Its main function includes cash and credit management, operations management and the smooth functioning of day to day business. They also act as a service stock point for the flagship stores while being the face of the company for other franchisee business partners and consumers.

Hawkman E-point distributor must possess

  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Sound financial background and investment capacity
  • Furnished office premises in prime cities
  • Past experience as a distributor or CNF agent
  • Experience in requisite infrastructure, manpower and management
  • Investment patterns
Your primary roles and responsibilities include,
  • Appointment of new franchisee business partners
  • Service support
  • Collection management and receivables
  • Delivery and supply of consumables
  • Training support to franchisees
  • Service support
  • Total distribution support
Revenue Streams
  • Commissions from all sales done by the Hawkman E-points in the area managed by the distributor
  • Additional revenue from advertising fees charged by the company for various display service at the franchisee locations in areas managed by the distributor
Return on investments

One of the main benefits from this business is the great return on investments. Since the entire operations are managed through a robust technology back bone, other operational costs will be minimum making it much better than the current industry standards and on the basis of the first mover advantage as well as a strong promotion and brand communication recall.

Advantages over conventional distribution network
  • Being a dynamic business there isn’t any need to maintain inventory or stock
  • No chance of pilferage or inventory loss which can cut through profits
  • No dead stock
  • Marginal credit risk as the franchisee points operate on a pre determined credit in the system. The role of the distributor is to only extend additional credit that too at his discretion for a single day.
  • Minimum payment collection hassles
  • Better control on franchisee business partners